StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph Android App – All You Need to Know

Do you happen to know a movie buff? These are the kind of people who know about films so much that they even know the type of cameras used on film as well as the film techniques for multiple angles as well as the way they can be achieved. In the past learning how to accomplish this required long hours of study. These days thanks to technology, you only need a reference or an idea and an app that is powerful enough to help you achieve on camera what you want.

StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph App

The Modes of StoryZ – Ripple

This is where StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph comes in. This photo editing app is presented in two stages. The first stage is known as “Ripple,” in this mode, you can add motion to a static image by tracing or drawing the specific area as well as the direction where you need the motion to become a reality.

You can achieve some pretty realistic effects with this app. It’s very useful to make the setting of a picture look like if you are underwater or in a smoking room. You can also choose to play it classy by adding a thinly veiled trippy effect to the elements of the picture that seems too static to you.

The Modes of StoryZ – Motion

The other stage found in StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph is the “Motion” mode. This one allows you to blend a video shoot with photography. You would be having a half static image and half motion. If you can quite grasp the concept don’t think GIFs, instead, think about the 3D posters you can see about any major blockbuster film that can be found as advertising spaces on any social network.

The effects as described certainly demand a lot of work with the app, but it can be done, the app is very powerful and capable. The company behind the app keeps alive the social marketing for this app given the number of achievements that can be reached by putting a little thought into it.

Final Ideas and Conclusions

StoryZ holds a periodical contest among their members to tackle specific art themes. They may ask them to draw their own take on regular stuff such as stairs or water. You may enter the competition by submitting your personal creation. After the choice is made the top ones are featured on the home page of the website as well as the competition page of the app.

At the moment of this review StoryZ is free to download, but if you find the basic version too limited, you can choose to go with the premium version for $2 a month. The app offers a monthly subscription that removes advertising banners and watermarks as well. It also increases the length of the videos that can be created using the Motion mode. It also improves all the tools available on Ripple mode as well as allowing you to save your content, share it on social media and store the finished files in high resolution.