LeanDroid – Your Personal Battery Saver

We are all familiar with poor battery life our Android phones have. Though Google has greatly optimized the battery consumption on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow but still Android smartphones are not as good as iPhones when it comes battery timing.

LeanDroidSo, what should one do in order to get the most out of its battery on an Android phone? Android community is working on this issue and in past we have seen different battery saving applications but they all failed to impress us. Well, not all because there is one heck of an application which is very effective when it comes to saving battery on Android phone. Yes, we are talking about the much loved LeanDroid battery saving application!

How Does LeanDroid Work?

LeanDroid is a very simple yet effective application. This application prolongs the battery life by automatically disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular data, NFC and GPS after certain time interval of non-usage. You have the freedom to set the time interval after which it will automatically turn of these features.

As soon as you turn off the mobile display, LeanDroid is triggered in the background and starts monitoring the background processes of your smartphone. After your set time interval this application not only turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular data, NFC and GPS but also force closes the background processes which are consuming the battery for nothing.

You can also set the time interval to turn on these features. You will either have the option to set a specific time interval or you can check the option “When phone is unlocked”. This means that as soon as you unlock your phone all these features will automatically turn on.

One interesting feature is this you have the freedom to turn off your Wi-Fi depending on the data transfer rate. This feature is very handy and allows video streaming even when your display is off.

We tested this application on three different smartphones and we found out that same settings do not work for every smartphone. You will have to test this application under different settings. Once you have the right settings this application will save some battery juice for you.


A very light weight application which will definitely give you an extra 3-4 hours of battery time. However, the user interface is not very attractive and some people might find it dull and boring.