This tool is used to hack Gmail/Outlook email accounts

Email HackerOne unusual application we’re going to talk about today is an email hacking software which some anonymous group of not so ethical hackers developed recently.

What they’ve done is, with using special server-vulnerability tool which are normally used by technicians who works at server hosting companies, those hackers used it to detect loopholes inside e-mail providers clients. So networks who offer free services like Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, GMX, AOL, Yahoo and others use very similar system inside their core SQL database. And because of this, hackers used it as an advantage to create their exploit so email password could get hacked easily.

Anyway, to deeply examine this software or even download it, you can look for it at its website:

They’ve even made it supported for smartphone operating systems with Android and iOS so on whatever device you want to install it on, you can’t miss.

Please notice we do not approve nor focus anyone to use this tool to hack into others private accounts without someones knowledge. It’s strongly prohibited to use this program to sneak inside someones email profile without permission.
This app should be only used as a password recovery solution. Which means only if you’re the person who forgotten his login password or your account got compromised.

Second reason we decided to post this article is to warn people and show them how anything on internet is vulnerable and could be broken easily. So it’s not recommended to trust anyone and you should always share your sensitive information with highest caution while being online.

Apart from this email password finder software, there are many similar tools around the web for other clients or even computer devices. Tools like keyloggers or RATs (Remote Administration Tool) exists for over a decade already and can easily infect your PC if you’re not protected enough. Even if you are (In case you’re computer newbie) a skilled hacker can even then find a way to spy your computer, mobile phone or certain online account.