1Password – The Best and the Most Secure Password Manager

Unfortunately, you are living in the age where nothing is secured on the Internet. Your online security is at risk the moment you connect your smartphone or computer to the Internet. So, you are aware of the fact that you need a strong Internet security. How about a strong password which is not easy to break?

1Password appIt is easy said than done. Basically there are two types of people on the Internet. One who uses same password for all accounts. This means if password of one of your account is leaked then all of your accounts compromised. The second type of people are those who have strong passwords but they keep those passwords in text, word file or on some piece of paper. This means they are not safe either!

Now let’s talk about the business. To stay safe on the Internet you need two things. The first is to have strong and different passwords for all your accounts and the second one is to keep your passwords safe and secure.

1Password offers the premier solution to all of your problems. A perfect IOS application which keeps your passwords safe and secure at one place. So, now you don’t need to have same passwords for all accounts or you don’t need to save your passwords in some word or text document!

The Wonders of 1Password

Though there are multiple password manager applications in the market but 1Password is a perfect all-rounder and still the best password manager applications. When you start the application for the very first time, it will ask you to set a master key. Only this master key will allow you to get into the application. It is therefore advisable to use something memorable long phrases with spaces and special characters but not so obvious details. You can even find a detailed blog on setting up a perfect master key on the official website of the parent company.

Now after setting up your password you should install a browser extension on your Mac. This browser extension is available for almost every browser. Now this browser extension will reside in your browser’s toolbar and as you visit and log into different websites 1Password will ask you to save your login details.

Now this IOS application will make your life easy. As long as you are logged into 1Password, all you have to do is just search for the website using the built in search bar of 1Password, search for the website and click login. It will then automatically fill login form for you. Life made easy, eh?

Just imagine how secured your personal information will feel after AES256 Encryption strengthened by MAC encryption? Now if you want to access your information, all you have to is to enter your master key and it will take you inside the application where you can edit your login details.

Not just your passwords; 1Password will save your important notes, credit card details and even scanned images of your credit card!

If you do not wish to compromise your online security, then 1Password is MUST have for you!