Cell Phone Tracker – You’ll Never Lost your Mobile Again!

Cell Phone TrackerWe live in time when having a mobile phone is necessary part of our everyday life. Even more when in last years smartphones has progressed so far we can now do everything on our mobile devices, from having an HD digital camera to watch online movies or TV channels.

But in accordance with this, there are more situations when people having lost their mobile phones as well. And even getting stolen from them of course, they can be sold for great price if they’re branded with like Samsung, Apple and so.
Some of these are reasons why certain developers decided to make an software which can trace any cell phone today no matter of its producer and is it newer or older one. They built it with a system which uses satellites to locate chosen cell device by entering its phone number into an application window. And after putting needed info inside the tool will then search for your wanted phone all over the world, and very soon you’ll get a right location displayed on a GPS map screen with street address information. Don’t believe what you hear here?
You can try it by yourself. Download mobile tracker software and try to search phone location of someone who you know in real. Enter their phone into app and you’ll see a miracle by yourself. I was skeptical by myself too when I first tried to use it. But after it showed me my child location (In school) I started to believe it’s working. Because my kid was really there at that time.

Admiring in its speed

After testing it multiple times for different mobile devices and numbers, what I’ve noticed and need to commend here is outstanding speed what this tool provides when it comes to finding and locating certain device. For this kind of app it’s almost unbelievable how fast you can track on where some phone is. But hey, we live in 21 century in which technology have enormous evolving speed so it’s expected a tool like Cell Phone Tracker will function this way.


Mobile Tracker is a great app for many needs and there are many people for sure who’ll be interested to have it and find it helpful in many ways. It can be useful for business as well as for personal needs.

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Wunderlist – It will do Wonders for You!

Wunderlist appA perfect digital to-do list application for your windows device. If you are looking for an application that allows you to manage your to-dos then Wunderlist is a perfect application for you. This application gives you the freedom to edit, rearrange, assign priorities and most importantly share your to-dos list with your friends and family. This application has both paid and free version and quite interestingly free versions offer all the basic features you need in to-do list application. So, yes even its free version is a perfect for anyone!

Simple Yet Attractive User Interface!

With its simple yet intuitive design this application is our favorite. After creating an account for the application, the simple menu and easy to understand options make it pretty easy for any layman to use this application.

It comes with a very basic background but it offers you a lot of customization options. You can change your background color, add different background images, change font size and style. All in all you get a lot of customization options with this simple application.

One good thing about this application is that all features and options are not clustered. You get a very simple and clean user interface. This does not mean that it is difficult to find options. With few simple clicks you can find all the options and features of this amazing windows application.

Application Makes it Easy for you

One good thing we liked about this application is that it makes things easy for you. When you start this application for the first time it gives you option to create different folders/lists for your to-do lists. This allows you to keep your personal and professional lives separate! One heck of a feature is that it allows you to add different collaborators. You can assign different roles to collaborates and they all can add different tasks in the lists you have shared with them. So, you get everything under one roof. No need to create different lists for different people. Just share the list with people and they can all add in it if required.

This application offers you notifications on your desktop, in your email and even on your smartphone. Isn’t that amazing?

The only thing we would like to see is location based notifications. Apart from this we highly recommend you to use this amazing application!

1Password – The Best and the Most Secure Password Manager

Unfortunately, you are living in the age where nothing is secured on the Internet. Your online security is at risk the moment you connect your smartphone or computer to the Internet. So, you are aware of the fact that you need a strong Internet security. How about a strong password which is not easy to break?

1Password appIt is easy said than done. Basically there are two types of people on the Internet. One who uses same password for all accounts. This means if password of one of your account is leaked then all of your accounts compromised. The second type of people are those who have strong passwords but they keep those passwords in text, word file or on some piece of paper. This means they are not safe either!

Now let’s talk about the business. To stay safe on the Internet you need two things. The first is to have strong and different passwords for all your accounts and the second one is to keep your passwords safe and secure.

1Password offers the premier solution to all of your problems. A perfect IOS application which keeps your passwords safe and secure at one place. So, now you don’t need to have same passwords for all accounts or you don’t need to save your passwords in some word or text document!

The Wonders of 1Password

Though there are multiple password manager applications in the market but 1Password is a perfect all-rounder and still the best password manager applications. When you start the application for the very first time, it will ask you to set a master key. Only this master key will allow you to get into the application. It is therefore advisable to use something memorable long phrases with spaces and special characters but not so obvious details. You can even find a detailed blog on setting up a perfect master key on the official website of the parent company.

Now after setting up your password you should install a browser extension on your Mac. This browser extension is available for almost every browser. Now this browser extension will reside in your browser’s toolbar and as you visit and log into different websites 1Password will ask you to save your login details.

Now this IOS application will make your life easy. As long as you are logged into 1Password, all you have to do is just search for the website using the built in search bar of 1Password, search for the website and click login. It will then automatically fill login form for you. Life made easy, eh?

Just imagine how secured your personal information will feel after AES256 Encryption strengthened by MAC encryption? Now if you want to access your information, all you have to is to enter your master key and it will take you inside the application where you can edit your login details.

Not just your passwords; 1Password will save your important notes, credit card details and even scanned images of your credit card!

If you do not wish to compromise your online security, then 1Password is MUST have for you!

PlayStation One Emulator “ePSXe” Review & Download

PlayStation One Emulator ePSXeThe ePSXe is one of the best PlayStation 1 emulators on the market. In order for this kind of tool to be great, it should compatible with a number of games. In most cases, you will find a list of compatible titles on the official website but unfortunately that is not the case with this one. It is also relatively common for the emulator to be updated which has not been the case with this one (last updated in 2008). Nonetheless however, its discussion forums are alive and thriving with help that you may need.

With the ePSXe, those classic games should not just sit there and wait to be played on the console. You can now successfully play them on your PC using this software.

Once you have collected the essential files, you will find that setting up its configuration options. Unfortunately, the installation file that has to be downloaded from the official website does not come with all the files that are needed to run the emulator fully.  However, with the How-to file that can be found inside its folder, this should not be a serious problem.

For those who’re interested to run PS One, PS2 and PS3 games on your PlayStation 4, find PS4 jailbreak here. It can run all SONY’s consoles titles without any problems. So you’ll have an ultimate multiple gaming machines inside one!

Considering that the PlayStation hardware is older when compared to today’s PC, you should have no problems with running this program and enjoying your games. For example, some of the requirements for the running the application include 512mb of RAM, Pentium 4 or Athlon p and a CD-ROM drive with good access times.

> Download ePSXe here from its official website. Installation and set-up instructions added inside files directory.

You have to find the necessary BIOS files to use this tool. There are about three possible versions out there; there is the SCPH1001 for the American/ NTSC version of the console, the SCPH7502 for the European/ PAL version and a possible Japanese BIOS file as well. The good news is that you will be told exactly which files to look for.  These are just a few workable downsides to the emulator. All in all though, the ePSXe is one of the best ones on the market owing to its compatibility to a number of games. It is particularly great for gamers who can’t be bothered to play their classic PS One titles on their old consoles but would rather enjoy playing them on their computers.

LeanDroid – Your Personal Battery Saver

We are all familiar with poor battery life our Android phones have. Though Google has greatly optimized the battery consumption on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow but still Android smartphones are not as good as iPhones when it comes battery timing.

LeanDroidSo, what should one do in order to get the most out of its battery on an Android phone? Android community is working on this issue and in past we have seen different battery saving applications but they all failed to impress us. Well, not all because there is one heck of an application which is very effective when it comes to saving battery on Android phone. Yes, we are talking about the much loved LeanDroid battery saving application!

How Does LeanDroid Work?

LeanDroid is a very simple yet effective application. This application prolongs the battery life by automatically disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular data, NFC and GPS after certain time interval of non-usage. You have the freedom to set the time interval after which it will automatically turn of these features.

As soon as you turn off the mobile display, LeanDroid is triggered in the background and starts monitoring the background processes of your smartphone. After your set time interval this application not only turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular data, NFC and GPS but also force closes the background processes which are consuming the battery for nothing.

You can also set the time interval to turn on these features. You will either have the option to set a specific time interval or you can check the option “When phone is unlocked”. This means that as soon as you unlock your phone all these features will automatically turn on.

One interesting feature is this you have the freedom to turn off your Wi-Fi depending on the data transfer rate. This feature is very handy and allows video streaming even when your display is off.

We tested this application on three different smartphones and we found out that same settings do not work for every smartphone. You will have to test this application under different settings. Once you have the right settings this application will save some battery juice for you.


A very light weight application which will definitely give you an extra 3-4 hours of battery time. However, the user interface is not very attractive and some people might find it dull and boring.

Scout GPS for iPhone – Review

ScoutGPSIn nowadays already saturated market of mobile navigation apps, Scout GPS which is still new one within its kind, have something different to offer to its users. It offers pretty decent navigation system including traffic camera, incident alerts and speed trap options with no any costs! Means it’s the free app, but has paid features like you can download offline maps to your device and some other premium options which will cost you $5 a month to use it via Apple’s App Store.
From our experience with using it, Scout is has much better quality then others GPS phone apps of its competitors like  TomTom, Magellan and even Google Maps. You can be sure it will get you to a right location you set up. It’s reliable and precise, and that’s esteemed to expect from apps of this kind.

User Manual
Process starts like gathering any other iPhone app in general. Find Scout at App Store, press ‘Install’, enter your Apple ID to confirm, wait until installation process is done, then start the app. When you first open it, it will ask you your phone number as a verification process. Just enter it and press continue. Then you have options to set up your home location, work location, fitness location etc. which is great and innovative from other navigation apps! If you set these app, next time when you lets say go to work, just choose ‘go to work’ option and app will navigate you in seconds, no wasting time to enter street addresses again and again or visiting history page. You have ‘favorites’ tab above and just tap on it in seconds on time when you go inside app. Pretty easy and awesome!

Scout GPS is good for everyone who search for good reliable navigation. Even free version is good. Have ads inside but for free it’s pretty decent and quality navigation app. It will always choose fastest way to lead you to your destination and won’t get you wrong.

So if you’re in need to this kind of application, go to your App Store immediately and install Scout right away. You won’t regret!

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